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Password-protect your most valuable files


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If you're the type of person who likes to take the most fool-proof security measures with your files, then Vaulty Gallery is your newest must-have tool. This app provides a simple and efficient way to protect any video or image files found on your device.

When you first open Vaulty Gallery, it'll ask you to set a password that'll protect all the elements you decide to hide. Once that step is out of the way, protecting your most valuable information will be as easy as opening any folder containing images or videos, selecting the files you want to protect and tapping 'accept.' Poof! These files will disappear completely from your gallery and will only be accessible from the Vaulty Gallery interface.

Unlike other similar apps, Vaulty Gallery doesn't completely hide all the images or videos in your gallery. Instead, it lets you individually select the files that you want to hide, making them completely inaccessible to prying eyes or nosy Nancys. As an added measure of security, if your phone is ever stolen or someone tries to enter the incorrect password a certain number of times, then Vaulty Gallery will automatically delete all your hidden files.
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